Our Story

Suraj Mal Shah Investments is a management and investment consulting firm.The core of our capabilities lies in our extensive investing and consulting experience. Most consulting firms specialize in either investing or in consulting but very few combine both skill-sets.  This range of capabilities brings many advantages to our clients including helping them in their financial plans, providing advanced portfolio design, improving system processes and management. In the management of clients assets, Suraj Mal Shah Investments has access to some 150 “best-in-class” funds from 40 leading money managers ranging across 13 asset classes.  From this  wide range of outstanding choices, SMS Investment’s managers assemble and manage fully diversified portfolios that meet each client’s specific needs and objectives across all types of accounts. Our firm is built on long lasting values and deep rooted relationships, establishing a reputation for vision, integrity and innovation.

1100+ Clients

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Data Analytics

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Data Driven Approach




We makes strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. A data-driven approach enables us to examine and organise the data with the goal of better serving our clients. By using data to drive our actions, we can be more client centric. This enables us to provide a level of service, which is best in class. 




At SMS Investments we are committed to leveraging our capital markets capabilities to aid our clients in achieving their financial dreams and goals. We provide our clients the best available investment and management solutions.

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